Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Young woman with stomach issues

Symptoms of Food Sensitivities Have you ever had embarrassing noises and movements come from your digestive system after a meal? If could be that you are sensitive to one or more of the foods that you just ate. Find out the symptoms of food sensitivities to know if you are …

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Food Sensitivity Testing Accuracy


Food Sensitivity Testing – Know which foods affect you It’s not uncommon to find a food that disagrees with your digestive tract. But, there are ways to decipher which foods are causing the problem and deal with them. It would be so much easier if there was a medical test …

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Most Common Food Allergies In Adults


Common Foods that cause Sensitivities Just about everyone has eaten something that made them feel bad later. What’s the reason? You might be experiencing sensitivity to a food you are eating. It can be hard to nail down food sensitivity. The onset of symptoms can come one or even two …

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Food Sensitivity Elimination Diet Plan


Can processed Foods lead to Food Sensitivities? Anyone can be sensitive to a certain food. Eating spicy food may do it for you or dairy products. The result is a bout with gastrointestinal problems that you would rather avoid. But, could the culprit be processed foods? The Skinny on Processed …

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How To Make Strawberry Milkshake


Strawberry Milkshake A healthy alternative to a morning breakfast and it’s fast!  This milkshake is also an excellent source of energy. Substitute the ice cream for yogurt if you want an extra healthy shake. Ingredients: * 8 strawberries, prewashed * 3 big scoops of vanilla ice cream * 1 tbsp.  …

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Baked Steak Gravy Recipe

Steak in Gravy Some like chicken, some steak…here’s a great recipe for an easy dinner. You could even leave it in the freezer and cook it when you need it. A great and easy recipe. Ingredients: * 1 lb. lean beef steak * 1/2 tsp. salt * 5 cloves of …

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Creamed Spinach With Coconut Milk


Spinach in Coconut Cream Sauce A healthy and tasty side dish. Also a great way to get your kids eating their greens! Ingredients: * 2 cups spinach * 1/2 cup coconut cream * Salt and pepper to taste * 1 tbsp. oil * 1 tsp.  mustard seeds * 1 small …

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Spicy Roast Chicken Recipe


Roast chicken Chicken is a favorite dish all around the world. A million ways to make chicken has been invented but one of the most popular and easy way of serving is the good old roast chicken. Ingredients: * 2 lbs. chicken cut into big pieces * Salt and pepper …

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Baked Potato Cheese Balls Recipe


Cheesy Potato Balls A very unusual starter, but a bit of a difference is always good. This starter will please anyone. The soft potato texture combines perfectly with the melting cheese. This dish should be served warm. Ingredients * 2 potatoes * 1 cup cheddar cheese * Salt and pepper …

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What Is The Benefit Of Coffee To The Body


How Can Your Body Benefit From Coffee? How many times do you drink coffee in a week? Coffee is a part of the daily routine of most people. They wake up in the morning and the first thing they get is coffee. Coffee can keep you awake and re-energized throughout …

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