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Healthy And Easy Recipes

Food dehydrator recipes vegetables


Dehydrating Vegetables Dehydration is a way that you can preserve meat, fruits and vegetables while also saving precious freezer space. The basics of dehydrating are pretty simple. You wash your food, cut it into pieces of the same size, put it in your dehydrator with spaces in between each piece, …

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Department of Health Food Safety: Types of food storage


Four Factors that affect food storage (temperature, moisture, atmosphere, container) While learning all the different methods for batch cooking, canning, preserving and pickling, and freezing, it is equally important to know how to store those foods after using these procedures and methods. There are four factors that affect food storage …

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Canning Basics For Preserving Food


Canning and Freezing: A Family Affair Although canning and batch freezing are concepts that have been around for many years, these traditions are taking on a new life in this generation. Families everywhere are hit hard by the economy and, as such, are returning to age-old traditions, which can save …

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Best Freezable Recipes – Cooking Light


Batch Cooking and Freezing: Saves Dollars and Makes Sense Batch cooking involves buying foods in bulk, separating them into smaller portions, and freezing them for later consumption. Not only does this process save you loads of time, it also saves you money as well. With the introduction of warehouse-style supermarkets …

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Batch Cooking and Freezing: Use Many Recipes/Few Ingredients


Batch Cooking and Freezing: Many Recipes/Few Ingredients If you find yourself stopping at the supermarket every day to pick up something fresh for dinner and would like to make life a little easier when it comes to meal preparation, then batch cooking and freezing may be the answer that you …

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Have The Best Home-Grilled Meat Right On Your Backyard


Are you craving for some grilled ribs or steak? We know that eating out and ordering grilled red meat can really be costly. However, this should not stop you from satisfying your cravings. Want to know how you can make the best home-grilled meat right on your backyard? Follow these …

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Healthy Food Swaps To Keep In Mind


It is a fact that a lot of people are used to eating what they want. Many find it hard to make a healthy change in their diet. Eating healthier foods is easier than you think. By knowing the healthy alternatives to what you are eating, you can make a …

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How Can Your Body Benefit From Coffee?


How many times do you drink coffee in a week? Coffee is a part of the daily routine of most people. They wake up in the morning and the first thing they get is coffee. Coffee can keep you awake and re-energized throughout the day. As long as you do …

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Chinese Cooking: Be Your Own Chef At Home

Chinese Cooking

Chinese cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the whole world. Even if you are American, French or Singaporean, you will find satisfaction when eating Chinese food. Most people go to Chinatown just to get Chinese food. The problem is restaurant-cooked Chinese food may be filled with monosodium glutamate …

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