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Healthy And Easy Recipes

Do you need herbal supplements?


Do you need herbal supplements? While herbal supplements can have many health benefits it’s important to always talk to your doctor. Many herbal supplements react badly with current prescribed medications which can lead to serious problems, and even death.  Always share with your doctor herbal supplements you take on a …

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Control your Weight with Spices


Control your Weight with Spices Herbs and spices have a thermogenic effect. By some research you’ll increase your metabolism by 10 to 20 percent simply by adding in spices. Especially the hot ones, which cause your body to produce heat, speeds up your metabolism and aids in weight loss. In …

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Herb super-foods: Balance your internal systems


Herb super-foods: Balance your internal systems You may not realize this but your body is supposed to be pH balanced. It’s one of the key indicators of good health. If our pH is out of balance you will suffer from illness. The ideal pH for humans is 7.35. If you …

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Spices: Add flavor to your food without salt

Various spices over a wood background. Different colours and textures

Spices: Add flavor to your food without salt There’s really nothing healthy about salt. Especially table salt. In some people there is a theory that table salt with iodine is causing thyroid problems for women in midlife. It also has other issues such as contributes to high blood pressure, osteoporosis, …

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Herbal Weight Loss Remedies


5 Ways to add Herbs to your diet Herbs are essential in your diet if you want to have a balanced well alkalized system. The human body needs to be at a 7.35 pH to be at its optimal health. By striving to maintain a balanced pH, you can ward …

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Best Way To Save Money On Groceries


How to Save Money on Groceries We’ve covered a lot of tips and ideas in my previous posts. Saving money at the grocery store is something many family planners try to do every week. With our money being stretched further than ever, sometimes, it seems impossible. But, the honest truth …

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Grocery Budget For family of 4 Dave Ramsey


Setting a Realistic Grocery Budget Saving money on grocery shopping is something all homemakers, parents, and those who do the family budget long to do. However, how much money can you really save? That depends entirely on your budget. There are government guidelines that state how much a typical family …

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Eating Better Quality Food Saves Money


Eating Better Quality Food Saves Money Everyone wants to save money on grocery shopping and sometimes they skimp on quality thinking this saves money. The truth is, eating nutritiously on a budget can be done with proper planning and thought. In fact, if you eat higher quality, high nutrition foods …

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Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money


Always Use a Grocery List When Grocery Shopping To Save Money When money is tight, families often look to the grocery bill to save some extra money. Thankfully, it is possible to eat well on a budget, but sticking to the budget is made much easier if you go in …

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Save Money Grocery Shopping App

Woman holding shopping basket

Saving Money Grocery Shopping: Buy In Season My favorite time of year is when the farmer’s market comes to town. My family enjoys fabulous fresh food and my food budget gets a break. We all feel healthier, look healthier, and my bank account looks better too. What could be better …

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