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Easy Breakfast

Easy Sausage Sandwiches With Grilled Peppers Onions Recipe


Hot and Sweet Sausage Sandwiches with Grilled Peppers, Onions and Horseradish Mustard Ingredients: 2 French sandwich loaves 1 medium yellow onion sliced thin 1 Poblano pepper sliced thin 1 yellow bell pepper sliced thickly 1 red bell pepper sliced thin salt freshly ground black pepper 4 pieces hot and sweet …

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How To Cook Hobo Buns Recipe


HOBO BUNS Ingredients: 2 tb Mayo Or Salad Dressing 1/2 ts Prepared Mustard 3 ea Kaiser or French Rolls,Split 3 ea Slices Bologna 1 ea Large Tomato, Sliced 3 ea Green Pepper Rings 3 ea Slices Cheese Description: 1. Mix mayonnaise and mustard; spread over cut sides of rolls. 2. …

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How To Make High Roller Sandwiches Recipe


High Roller Sandwiches Ingredients: 1 Bag flour tortillas 1 lg Bar of softened cream cheese 1 Roast beef sliced thin 1 Ham sliced thin 1/8Turkey sliced thin 2 Colby Jack cheesesliced thin 2 Lettuce shredded thin strips 1 Garlic powder 1 Sliced tomatoes very thin Description: 1. Use the back …

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How To Make A Filled Frankfurters Recipe


Filled Frankfurters Ingredients: 1 1/2 c Macaroni; Broken 3/4 c Milk; Evaporated 1 1/4 ts Mustard; Dry 1 1/4 ts Salt 1/8 ts Pepper 2 1/2 c Cheddar; Md, Grated 1 1/2 lb Frankfurters; Deli-Style Description: 1. Cook the macaroni in boiling salted water until tender. Drain and rinse in …

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Easy Way To Make Dagwood Italiano Recipe


DAGWOOD ITALIANO Ingredients: 1 Bell pepper, red 1 Bell pepper, green 1 1/2 ts Olive oil, divided 1 t Rosemary, fresh choped Or 1/4 ts Dried crushed 1 Garlic, clove, minced 1 tb Red wine or broth 12 oz Lamb, bonles,loin,sirloin 4 French Bread 5″length 1/2 c Mozzerela,low fat,grated 1/4 …

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How To Make A Dagwood Sandwich Recipe


DAGWOOD BUMSTEAD SANDWICH Ingredients: 3 lg Onions 1 Head lettuce 4 Tomatoes, sliced 1 Lobster tail 1 Eagle talon 1 Fish (pref.2-days old) 1 Pot spaghetti Cold and gooey 1 lb Bacon (cooked?) 1 Meatloaf 1 Ham 1 Fried egg (over easy) 1 String of sausages 1 Mayonnaise, gallon 1 …

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Easy Way To Make Club Burrito Recipe


CLUB BURRITO Ingredients: 1 sl Deli-Style Turkey 1 sl Deli-Style Ham 1 sl Swiss Cheese 1 Soft Flour Tortilla Shredded Lettuce Sprouts Description: 1. Layer the tortilla, cheese, ham and turkey, with the tortilla on the outside. 2. Place some lettuce and sprouts in the middle. 3. Add any other …

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Recipe For Cheesy Apple Ham Grill


Cheesy Apple Ham Grill Ingredients: 1 c Chopped apple 1/2 c MIRACLE WHIP or MIRACLE WHIP LIGHT Dressing, divided 1/4 c Chopped walnuts ds Ground cloves (opt) 8 sl Raisin cinnamon bread 4 sl KRAFT Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese, cut in half 1 pk OSCAR MAYER Smoked Cooked Ham Slices …

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How To Make A Cheddar Bacon Treat Recipe


Cheddar Bacon Treat Ingredients: 4 oz Cheddar; Sharp, Shredded, 1C 2 tb Dairy Sour Cream 1/2 ts Lemon Juice; Fresh 3 ea Bacon; Slices, * 1/2 ts Worcestershire Sauce 4 ea Bread; Slices, Buttered 1/8 ts Paprika 1 x Lettuce 1/8 ts Garlic Powder 1 x Tomato Slices 1 ds …

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Best Cheddar Apple Smoked Turkey Sandwich Recipe


Cheddar Apple Smoked Turkey Sandwich Ingredients: 1/4 Cup Hellmann’s Dijonnaise Creamy Mustard Blend 2 Tablespoons Honey 8 Slices Seven-Grain Or Whole Wheat Bread 4 Ounces Sliced Or 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese 1/2 Pound Sliced Smoked Turkey Or Ham 1 Apple, Cored And Thinly Sliced Description: 1. In small bowl …

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